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Development economics

China's Road to Peaceful Rise: Observations on its Cause, Basis, Connotation and Prospect

Bijian, Zheng (Executive Vice-President, Party School of the CPC Central Committee, China)

978 1 138 59592 7
Publication date:
25 April 2018

Microcredit Alternative in South Asia, A: Akhuwat's Experiment

Rafi Khan, Shahrukh (Mount Holyoke College, USA)
Ansari, Natasha

978 0 8153 8685 8
Publication date:
6 April 2018

Ocean Economy in Mauritius, The: Making it Happen, Making it Last

Cervigni, Raffaello
Scandizzo, Pasquale L.

978 1 4648 1224 8
Publication date:
30 March 2018

China's Rural-Urban Inequality in the Countryside

Gao, Yan
Fennell, Shailaja

978 981 10 8272 6
Publication date:
27 March 2018

Farewell To China's Gdp Worship

Li, Jinzao (China National Tourism Administration, China)
An, Xiaolu (The Commercial Press, China)

978 981 322 023 2
Publication date:
28 February 2018


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