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Literary studies: general

Spark of Light: Short Stories by Women Writers of Odisha

Henitiuk, Valerie
Kar, Supriya

978 1 77199 167 4
Publication date:
1 March 2017

Tokyo Anthology, A: Literature from Japan S Modern Metropolis, 1850 1920

Jones, Sumie
Inouye, Charles Shir
Cohn, Joel
Duus, Peter (Stanford University)
Mertz, John
Fraleigh, Associate Professor of East Asian Literature and Culture Matthew (Brandeis University)
Miller, Author Scott (Smithsonian Institution Washington DC)
Cummings, Alan
McGee, Dylan
Hibbett, Howard

978 0 8248 5590 1
Publication date:
28 February 2017

Lion at Three in the Morning, A: Poems of Nam Jin-Woo

Nam, Jin-Woo
Cho, Young-Shil

978 1 62246 029 8
Publication date:
22 February 2017

Imagining Indianness: Cultural Identity and Literature: 2017

Dimitrova, Diana
De Bruijn, Thomas

978 3 319 41014 2
Publication date:
20 February 2017


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