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Elections & referenda

Dravidian Years, The: Politics and Welfare in Tamil Nadu

Narayan, S. (Senior Research Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore)

978 0 19 948817 9
Publication date:
1 July 2018

GE14: Will Urban Malays Support Pakatan Harapan?

Jan, Wan Saiful Wan

978 981 4818 51 3
Publication date:
30 June 2018

Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election

Pekkanen, Robert J.
Reed, Steven R.
Scheiner, Ethan
Smith, Daniel M.

978 3 319 76474 0
Publication date:
11 June 2018

Rise of Saffron Power: Reflections on Indian Politics

Rehman, Mujibur (Dr K R Narayanan Centre for Dalit and Minorities Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.)

978 0 429 01398 0
Publication date:
3 May 2018

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