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Acquiring Japanese as a Second Language: Corpus-Based Investigation into the Nature of Japanese Interlanguage

Shirai, Yasuhiro
Pardeshi, Prashant

978 1 138 91575 6
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Publication date:
30 December 2018

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This book is an investigation of an unprecedented learner corpus systematically collected from learners of Japanese as a second or foreign language in 20 areas of the world. It addresses the issues of second language acquisition in general, and of Japanese in particular. In the 50s and 60s the main factor underlying the errors committed by foreign language learners was considered to be 'language transfer.' In the 70s it became increasingly clear that learners with different L1s commit similar mistakes in the acquisition of a given L2. It was proposed that the main source of the errors was not 'language transfer' but a potentially universal 'inter language' which learners construct on their transition trajectory from L1 to L2. In the 80s various other approaches such as 'universal grammar', 'monitor model', 'competition model' evolved, all aiming to account for the errors of L2 learners. Against this backdrop, this proposed volume offers new insights to the theory of language acquisition by focusing on a major Asian language, viz Japanese, and makes a significant contribution to the theory of language acquisition through an investigation of empirical data of learners of Japanese with as many as 12 different L1s and varied typological profiles.

Table of contents: 

Introduction, Kumiko Sakoda; Yasuhiro Shirai and Prashant Pardeshi Part 1: Acquisition of Japanese and second language acquisition theory: Can theories account for data? 1. Aspect Hypothesis, Yasuhiro Shirai 2. Usage Based Model, Yukari Hashimoto 3. Processability Theory, Fuyuki Mine Part 2: L1 influence in the Acquisition of Japanese: Determining the conditions on transfer through corpus data 4. Linguistic Typology and Language Transfer, Prashant Pardeshi 5. Corpus Linguistics and Language Transfer, Shingo Imai and Jae-ho Lee 6. Discourse Analysis and Language Transfer, Mari Tanaka 7. Communication Strategies and Language Transfer, Kumiko Sakoda Part 3: Acquiring communicative competence in L2 Japanese: Insights from learner corpus analysis 8. Problematic Behaviour in L2 Email Communication, Hisashi Noda 9. Native Discourse and Non-native Discourse, Kei Ishiguro 10. Sociolinguistic Perspectives on L2 Japanese Communication, Chihiro Thomson


Kumiko Sakoda is Professor at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics. Yasuhiro Shirai is Professor at the Department of Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh. Prashant Pardeshi is Professor at the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.




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