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Chinese-Islamic Works of Art, 1644-1912: A Study of Some Qing Dynasty Examples

Curtis, Emily Byrne

978 1 4724 2710 6
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Publication date:
1 March 2019

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Chinese-Islamic studies have concentrated thus far on the arts of earlier periods with little or no mention of works from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). This book will focus on works of art from the late seventeenth century to the present day and bring to the reader's attention several new areas for consideration. For instance, the glass wares which were probably made for a local Chinese-Muslim clientele, illustrate a fascinating mixture of traditional Chinese and Muslim craft traditions. While the inscriptions on them can be related directly to the mosque lamps of the Arab world, their form and style of decoration is characteristically that of Han Chinese. Continuing on, several contemporary Chinese Muslim artists have succeeded in developing a unique fusion of calligraphic styles from both cultures. Others will include essays on enamels, porcelains, and interior painted snuff bottles, with emphasis on either those with Arabic inscriptions, or on works by Chinese Muslim artists. Thus, this book will appeal to collectors of Chinese and Islamic art, who are always eager to discover new areas of interest, and to museums, whose holdings often include objects similar to the ones discussed in this study.


Emily Byrne Curtis is an independent scholar and author, USA.




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