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Corporate Reorganisations in China: An Empirical Analysis

Zhang, Zinian (University of Leeds)

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Publication date:
30 September 2018

Short description: 

A comprehensive empirical study of China's corporate reorganization law and its implementation.

Full description: 

The first comprehensive empirical study on corporate bankruptcy reorganizations in the second largest economy, China, investigating the formal corporate restructurings handled by China's courts between 2007 and 2015. The data and analysis presented in the book provide a unique lens from which China's newly-enacted Chapter 11-styled corporate reorganization law, both in the books and in practice, can be understood and from which the interaction between business and state in dealing with corporate bankruptcies in China could be better comprehended. This book benefits from the author's ten-year business law practice in China, and his insights on China's judicial and political system considerably enrich the arguments. In particular, this book sheds light on commencement of bankruptcy reorganizations, control models, corporate reorganization financing, value distribution, approval of reorganization plans and cross-border reorganizations under the China Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of 2006.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction; 2. Commencement of corporate reorganizations in China; 3. Control of Chinese corporate reorganizations; 4. Corporate reorganization financing in China; 5. Value creation and distribution in Chinese corporate reorganizations; 6. Approval of corporate reorganization plans in China; 7. Cross-border corporate reorganizations in China; 8. Conclusion.



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