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Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative

Lam Kin-chung
Cai Chimeng
Dai Jinping
Li Xiaohui

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Publication date:
1 April 2020

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With the emergence of the Belt and Road boom have come many related research papers, but few have addressed Hong Kong’s role and opportunities in the initiative. Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative fills this gap.

This monograph represents the efforts of some twenty experts from both Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, providing a comprehensive introduction to the national initiative and exploring various opportunities for the territory in the Belt and Road as well as Hong Kong’s cooperation with relevant regions along the routes, offering many highly valuable policy recommendations.


Lam Kin-chung is Chairman of Zhong Yang Group Holdings Limited and Lam Kin Chung Morning Sun Charity Fund.

He is a John Harvard Fellow of Harvard University and Honorary Professor of Hanoi University, Vietnam and China Foreign Affairs University. As a global philanthropist, Professor Lam has received numerous awards from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Italy, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Singapore and Vietnam.

He was honored as Sir and Knight Commander of Rizal under the Republic Act no. 646 of the Philippines in 2019.

Cai Chimeng is Director and Researcher, Economic Office, Hong Kong and Macao Research Institute.

Dai Jingping is Vice-President, Professor, and Doctoral Advisor, National Economic Strategy Institute, Nankai University.

Li Xiaohui is President of Hong Kong Cultural Development Research Institute.



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