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Thinking Beyond the State: Migration, Integration, and Citizenship in Japan and the Philippines

Zulueta, Johanna O

978 1 84519 930 2
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Publication date:
1 September 2018

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Human mobility has been a widely examined phenomenon in the social sciences, and in this increasingly globalized world migration continues to be of significant concern. The chapters comprising this volume on Thinking Beyond the State address the need to think beyond prevailing state discourses in problematizing human movements between Japan and the Philippines, by focusing on the presence of other actors involved in these processes. This collection investigates a range of issues that are part and parcel of the migration experience: citizenship and nationality, migrant incorporation and integration, human security, migrant welfare, philanthropy, identity, and multiculturalism. The editor and contributors aim to inform the larger public of the realities that are embedded in this particular phenomenon, as well as engage academics involved in migration studies. The book will be a valuable resource to those with professional interests in the East Asian region, most particularly in Japan and the Philippines.




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