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Trust Law in the PRC and the Development of Chinese Trust Business

Zhou, Xiaoming

978 1 4724 3871 3
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28 January 2019

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This book contains a review of the legislative process surrounding trust law and examines the development of trust business in China. It further examines the conceptual issues arising from the law itself along with the political and economic reasons for China's limited adoption of the trust in finance. The book is structured in three parts. Part one examines the history of trust practice in China before the enactment of its trusts law along with details of the drafting of the law itself. It includes a discussion of the doctrinal problems found in the code. Part two looks at trust business in China, including its uncertain economic role in society, its competition with other financial institutions in the assets management business and its ancillary functions in investment. Part three analyses the potential for trusts within the PRC's political and economic system.


Michael Guoqing Liu is Assistant Professor of Law in the Faculty of Business, Government and Law, University of Canberra, Australia. Dr Xiaoming Zhou is engaged in trust business in China and is the founder of a research institution to conduct research in Chinese trusts law and trust business. He was closely involved in the drafting of the Chinese Trust Law.




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