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Understanding China's Trade Policymaking on International Air Transport

Zhang, Chrystal B.

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31 March 2019

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What are the considerations of the government in determining regulatory reform with respect to China's international air transport sector? What are the driving forces that facilitate to shape its international air transport policy? Is it the international environment or domestic considerations that influence China's international air transport policymaking? By reviewing China's international air-transport policymaking process to identify the factors that affect the decision-making process, Zhang and O'Connell establish to what degree the factors stem from the international environment, domestic considerations, or result from institutional and individual behaviour. They discuss, examine and analyse these factors to determine how they interact with each other and have had an impact on the policymakers, leading to China's policy output. How the policy has evolved over the years is considered in depth, to establish whether these factors are changing and to determine which factors have played and are still playing critical roles in the policymaking process. The book makes recommendations to governments, industry organisations and other stakeholders regarding best practice for the benefit of the industry and the global community as a whole. Its ultimate objective is to further the understanding of China's international trade policymaking process and shed light on this prominent economic power's approach towards liberalisation as well as its international behaviour.

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With a PhD in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University in the UK, Chrystal has more than 20 years of industry experience working in both public and private sectors including governments, world-renowned aviation consultancy firms, and higher education institutions worldwide. Her expertise lies in regulatory compliance, strategic management, as well as the marketing analysis of both airlines and airports with the pursuit of encompassing continuous profitability. She has produced and delivered her research at numerous conferences worldwide and has published her results in academic journals and to the wider audience in newspapers. Before joining Swinburne University of Technology of Australia as a Lecturer, Chrystal was Director of Greater China of the Route Development Group Ltd. (both Routes and ASM). She played a pivotal role in the successful staging of Routes 2009 Beijing and secured several consultancy projects, in which she acted as a project director and one of the principal consultants in the successful delivery of the services. Prior to that, she was Business Development Manager of Mango Aviation Partners, a boutique firm specialising in advising low cost start-ups. She was one of the first to introduce LCC concept and business model to the Chinese market. In the 1990s, she worked for Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), being responsible for negotiating bilateral air services agreements, overseeing the implementation, and formulating rules and guidelines regulating international air transport. John F. O'Connell (Frankie) is currently an airline lecturer in the Department of Air Transport at Cranfield University. He holds an MSc in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, an MBA (Aviation) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a PhD in Airline Management from Cranfield. He is also a certified IATA instructor and holds a pilot's licence. Previously Frankie worked for Boeing as an analyst for a number of years and then for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (extended campus in California) as an airline lecturer for a further five years. While at Embry-Riddle, he regularly lectured at the NASA Ames research facility at Moffett Field. For many years he has spent a large proportion of his time visiting numerous airlines on behalf of IATA, the Arab Air Carriers Organization and Cranfield University in both an advisory and training capacity on areas such as strategy, management, marketing, cost reduction, distribution and low cost carrier operations. Frankie has published papers in the Journal of Air Transport Management, Journal of Transport Geography, Journal of Airport Management, Journal of Research in Transportation Business & Management, Journal of Tourism Economics, Journal of World Review of Intermodal Research and the Journal of Air Transport Studies. In 2011 he published an edited volume with Ashgate entitled Air Transport in the 21st Century. Before joining Swinburne, she was Director Great China of the Route Development Group Ltd (acquired by UBM in 2010). She was the person to set up China office with overall responsibilities to market both Routes event and ASM consultancy services in greater Chinese markets. She played a pivotal role in the successful staging of Routes 2009 Beijing and secured several consultancy projects, in which she acted as a project director and one of the principal consultants in the successful delivery of the services. In the 1990s, she worked for CAAC being heavily involved in bilateral air services agreements negotiations and responsible for the implementation of such agreements. She therefore has gained significant personal experience and substantial first-hand knowledge of economic diplomacy, which helped her significantly in writing this book.




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