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Understanding Public Health in Rural Populations of India

Mukherjee, Partha S. (Liver Foundation, West Bengal, Kolkata, India)

978 1 4987 5872 7
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15 April 2020

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In developing countries such as India, there are stark contrasts between urban and rural populations, presenting unique challenges for public health promotion and intervention. For example, urban areas have sophisticated hospital facilities, while rural populations visit community caretakers with no medical training. Communicable disease and chronic infection rates are therefore very different. There are cultural determinants as well, such as urban women seeking low, vanity weights, while rural women take steroids to gain weight for marriage. This book presents a fascinating study of the complexities of rural public health in developing countries.

Table of contents: 

Evidence-based Public Health in Rural Settings. Rural Health in 2015: The Indian Face. Innovations for Community Action in Rural Health. Mid-Day Meal as Nutritional Support in Rural Health. Rural Health Promotion: An eastern Dream and Endeavor. Comprehensive Action for Metabolic Health and Well-Bing in Rural Settings.


Dr. Partha Sarathi Mukherjee is engaged in Capacity Building of Rural Health Care Providers (RHCPs) since 2007 with support of National Rural Health Mission and Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, USA. He is typically engaged in supervising public health programs in rural populations within India.




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