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The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Transmission of Acupuncture

Yang Zhenhai
Liu Lihong

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1 April 2020

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An indefatigable discoverer and preserver of lost traditions in the field of classical Chinese medicine, Liu Lihong has done it again—The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Transmission of Acupuncture features a passionate and clinically relevant synthesis of his discipleship with Yang Zhenhai, one of the last remaining master practitioners of Daoist acupuncture in mainland China.

At the forefront of an international discourse on the definition and clinical significance of classical Chinese medicine, Yang and Liu promote yet another holistic medical system that radically contrasts the current penchant for symptom-oriented procedures. This English edition of their book lifts an important esoteric acupuncture lineage out of obscurity and presents it to us in complete and accessible form.

The holistic approach has also defined Liu’s relentless search for the heart of Chinese medicine during the last three decades, driving his commitment to become the promoter of a diverse spectrum of healing traditions that exemplify the classical standards of Chinese medicine.


Yang Zhenhai is a renowned acupuncturist charged with transmitting the Huangdi Neizhen lineage of classical acupuncture. He serves as a chief member of the Professional Acupuncture Committee, Tongyou Sanhe Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Foundation in Beijing.

Liu Lihong is the Founding Professor of the Institute for the Clinical Research of Classical Chinese Medicine at Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

Sabine Wilms is a professional translator and private scholar of classical Chinese medical texts.

Heiner Fruehauf is the Founding Professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine.



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