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Afrasian Transformations: Transregional Perspectives on Development Cooperation, Social Mobility, and Cultural Change

Ruth Achenbach
Jan Beek
John Njenga Karugia
Rirhandu Mageza-Barthel
Frank Schulze-Engler

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EUR 70.00

Publication date:
10 September 2020

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African-Asian interactions contribute to the emergence of a decentred, multi-polar world in which different actors need to redefine themselves and their relations to each other. Afrasian Transformations explores these changes to map out several arenas where these transformations have already produced startling results: development politics, South-South cooperation, cultural memory, mobile lifeworlds and transcultural connectivity. The contributions in this volume neither celebrate these shifting dynamics as felicitous proof of a new age of South-South solidarity, nor do they debunk them as yet another instance of burgeoning geopolitical hegemony. Instead, they seek to come to terms with the ambivalences, contradictions and potential benefits entailed in these transformations – that are also altering our understanding of (trans)area in an increasingly globalized world.




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