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Conservation and Contested Development in Indonesia's Eastern Islands

Clifton, Julian (University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia)
Majors, Chris (Specialist Expert on Indonesia based in Bali)

978 1 136 32433 8
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Publication date:
31 December 2020

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The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how institutions, policies and processes at various levels of government interact to influence development and conservation outcomes at the local scale in eastern Indonesia. It illustrates how the processes arising from decentralised government are impacting upon development and conservation of both land and marine resources. The authors show how these issues are modified and translated into activities implemented by regional government and their alliances with non-governmental organisations. The consequences of these activities and their outcomes are explained through analyses of governance issues at the community level, thereby providing an overview of policy implementation from the international through to the local scale. This work extends current literature beyond the theme of community-based management to coalition-based management, emphasising and illustrating the importance of alliances and networks in determining development and environment policy at various scales. Through analyses of detailed case studies in this hotspot of marine biodiversity, which is within the Coral Triangle, readers will be better able to understand the drivers of environment and development policy and their outcomes in a decentralised political situation.

Table of contents: 

Introduction Part 1: Decentralised Development in Eastern Indonesia 1. The Politics and History of Decentralisation 2. Proliferation of Local Government and its Economic Consequences 3. Ethnicity as a Driver of Proliferation Part 2: Policy Implementation at Subnational Level within Indonesia 4. Notions of Illegality and Policy Implementation 5. Situational Adjustment: Policy Modification at Subnational Level 6. Re-asserting Power: Local vs. State Government Part 3: Governance and Local Communities in Indonesia 7. Privatisation of Natural Resources 8. Commercialisation of Conservation 9. Marginalisation of Ethnic Minorities Conclusion


Julian Clifton is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Western Australia. Chris Major has extensive field experience in Wakatobi National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia, where he runs an NGO.




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