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The Horses of China

Yin Hung Young

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20 November 2020

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When people talk of horses, no one ever thinks of China. China has never won any medals in world class equestrian events or produced any elite horses. Despite this, horses have played an essential role in many different facets of the development of Chinese civilization.
From the breeding of native breeds which were proved to be inferior to those of whom they fought against to the procurement of premium horses overseas, equestrian militarism changed war strategies, scales, complexities and finally the consequences.
Equine sports not only formed part of the education curriculum, but also served as military preparation. As horses enjoyed a lofty status shared by no other animal, a wide range of artefacts constructed on distinctive perceptual and cultural premises were created while equine specialty was a focus of traditional Chinese veterinary medicine.
Through showcasing the chronicled history of China s horses, equine art, equine sports, horse breeds and traditional Chinese equine veterinary medicine, complemented with 100+ pictures, this book reveals the philosophy and wisdom of Chinese civilization. The role of the horse is expounded upon in its new journey following the collapse of China s imperial dynasties, for the world s fastest distance-running quadruped had undoubtedly helped to build the country historically.
The question now is how will China forge the future for this steadfast animal which has served it so well?


Yin Hung Young is a Hong Kong-born rider side saddle her favourite seat and a former consultant to the British Equestrian Federation. She was inspired to write The Horses of China following a visit to breeder friends in Kentucky. The book is devoted to her lifelong hobby and is an endeavour to document the fragmented but interesting facets of Chinese equestrian life current and historical and to promote horse rights in China. This is her first book.




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