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Pakistan's Elite Secret Service: The ISI, Global Security and the War on Terror

Butt, Usama

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Publication date:
20 September 2020

Full description: 

This is an unprecedented study of Pakistan's influential and mysterious intelligence services, based on exclusive inside access to some of the most important Pakistani government officials. Usama Butt describes the history and structure of the organisation and its role in domestic politics and Pakistani foreign policy. He explains the role of the organisation in driving Pakistani's participation in the 'War on Terror', outlining the deep contradictions which flow from this. From the ISI's role in the Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union to its relationship to the US today, this is a unique and fascinating account of Pakistan's complex relationships with outside forces. It will be vital reading for students and academics in International Relations, Security Studies and South-Asian studies.

Table of contents: 

1. The Beginning and the Modernisation 2. Between Two Conflicts: The ISI in the 1965 and 1971 Wars 3. In the Shadow of a Civilian 'dictator': ISI under Bhutto's Crackdown and Nuclear Dream 4. Afghan Jihad: the Re-making of ISI's Power and the Bleeding of the Bear 5. The Struggle for Control: The ISI and CIA's Co-operation and Conflict 6. The War 'on' Terror, the War 'of' Terror: 7. The Great Purge 8. The Great Game 9. A Genie out of the Bottle: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan 10. Reverse Gear: ISI from 'Partial' to 'Mutually-Exclusive' Clientelism 11. Towards the Coming Anarchy: the ISI and the Future of Pakistan


Usama Butt is a London-based academic specialising in Pakistan and Islamism. He is the co-editor of Pakistan: The US, Geopolitics and Grand Strategies (Pluto, 2012) and Pakistan's Quagmire: Security, Strategy, and the Future of the Islamic-nuclear Nation (2010).



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