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Decoding the Sino-North Korean Borderlands

Adam Cathcart
Christopher Green
Steven Denney

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20 January 2021

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Since the 1990s, the Chinese-North Korean border region has undergone a gradual transformation into a site of intensified cooperation, competition, and intrigue. These changes have prompted a significant volume of critical scholarship and media commentary across multiple languages and disciplines. Drawing on existing studies and new data, Decoding the Sino-North Korean Borderlands brings much of this literature into concert by pulling together a wide range of insight on the region's economics, security, social cohesion, and information flows. Drawing from multilingual sources and transnational scholarship, this volume is enhanced by the extensive fieldwork undertaken by the editors and contributors in their quests to decode the borderland. In doing so, the volume emphasizes the link between theory, methodology, and practice in the field of Area Studies and social science more broadly.


Adam Cathcart is a lecturer in Chinese history at the University of Leeds and the editor of the European Journal of Korean Studies.

Christopher Green is a lecturer in Korean Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Steven Denney is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto.



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