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Struggle for Power in Central Asia and The Caucasus, The: Geopolitics and the Great Game After the Cold War

Bozkurt, Giray Saynur

978 1 84885 730 8
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Publication date:
30 June 2020

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With the end of the Cold War and the retreat of Soviet power, Central Asia and the Caucasus once again became a focal point for competition between regional and global powers especially as its oil and gas reserves began to attract increasing attention. Whilst during the nineteenth century the region was the stage for the struggle for influence between Great Britain and Russia, this book examines Central Asia and the Caucasus anew in the light of the new players joining a reawakened version of Kipling's infamous 'Great Game'. Analysing in-depth the interests of the US, China, Turkey, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and a revitalised Russia in the context of economic, social and political developments in Central Asia and the Caucasus, this work becomes a reference point and crucial reading for researchers of the international relations, security and energy politics of this increasingly important region.


Giray Saynur Derman is associate professor in the International Relations Department at Sakarya University, Turkey. She holds a PhD in History and International Relations from the Turkic Studies Institute at Marmara University.




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