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Taiwan's Transformation: 1895 to the Present

John J. Metzler

978 1 137 57492 3
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4 January 2017

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This book presents a cogent but comprehensive review of Taiwan's socio-economic transformation from a Japanese colony to a thriving East Asian mini-state. Since the 1980's, Taiwan has primarily been viewed as a thriving economic model. Though certainly true, this assessment belies the amazing social and political success story for 23 million people on a small New Hampshire-sized island just off the China coast. Metzler highlights the engaging political narrative of democratization as well as Taiwan's noteworthy accomplishments despite the proximity and opposition of communist China. Further, the result of the 2016 elections and its implication are analyzed. Scholars studying East Asia and policy makers will gain a greater appreciation for the island's dynamic, prosperous resilience, despite pressure from China.

Table of contents: 

1. Japanese Interlude 1895-1945 2. Return to Chinese Rule: 1945-1950 3. Free China; Cold War Fortress 1951-1971 4. The Republic of China 1972-1992 5. The Republic of China on Taiwan 1993-1999 6. Taiwan (The Republic of China) 2000-2008


John J. Metzler teaches comparative government and Asian Studies at St. John's University in New York. He is likewise a longtime United Nations correspondent covering diplomatic, defense and developmental issues.




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